3-circuit controller (2 heating and 1 domestic hot water)

540,00 €

EH-203 is a digital heating controller for properties of all sizes. It suits to all water heating systems:
– radiator heating,
– floor heating,
– air conditioning preregulation,
– hot water regulation.
If the heating system of the property is divided into two circuits and both of them have their own settings so that they operate independently from each other, it is possible to operate separately for example heating of humid areas where due to comfort and drying reasons heating is needed also in summer time when heating of the rest of the property could be switched off and circulating pump stopped.
As well as heating control EH-203 has many other features of HVAC control and alarm system.
It reads measurement information, checks and adjusts settings, receives and acknowledges alarms. It can be used remotely via a mobile phone or web-browser. For the remote use the controller should be connected to the GSM-modem or EH-net-server (respectively) which are additional equipment.
Dimensions: 230 х 145 х 60 mm.
Weight: 1,2 kg.
Warranty: 2 years.
Available interface languages: English, Russian, Swedish, Finnish, Estonian, Latvian and Polish!

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