District heating network in Kuhmoinen

Customer: Municipality of Kuhmoinen
Year: 2012

The municipality of Kuhmoinen began its long-planned district heating project by the construction of a district heating network (DHN). The DHN was designed by Planora Oy. Planora drew up the main designs and tender documentations. Prior to designing the DHN, Planora conducted a feasibility study as well as a joint survey with the customer on the willingness of potential customers to join district heating (DH). The length of the DHN was approximately 4560 channel metres.

Planora Oy designed district heating (DH) distribution centres for customers that were going to be connected to district heating. Designing the DH distribution centres included drawing up tender documentation for installation, alteration and demolition work.

Our services included

  • feasibility study
  • customer survey on willingess to join district heating
  • design of district heating network and drawing up of tender documentation (eg. traffic management plans)
  • design of building specific district heating distribution centres and drawing up of tender documentation