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District heating trunk line in area Järvenpää – Tuusula

Customer: Fortum Power and Heat Oy Year: 2011 Planora Oy designed a district heating trunk line for Fortum Power and Heat Oy for the area of Järvenpää – Tuusula in total of approximately 12 000 channel metres. … Lue lisää »

Hydraulic calculation of district heating network in city of Turku

Customer: Turku Energia Oy Year:  2014 – 2015 Planora Oy carried out the hydraulic modeling and calculation of the district heating network of the city of Turku. The pipe length of the network is approximately 640 000 … Lue lisää »

District cooling trunk line for section Suomenoja – Leilitie in city of Espoo

Customer: Fortum Power and Heat Oy Year: 2014 Planora Oy designed a district cooling network trunk line for the city of Espoo for the section Suomenoja – Leilitie. The size of piping was DN400/500 and length approximately … Lue lisää »

Booster station in Riihimäki

Customer: Ekokem Oy Ab Year: 2012 Planora Oy designed and tendered a booster station for Ekokem Oy Ab to be built on its industrial site. The procurement was tendered as subcontracts as follows: construction subcontract pipe installation … Lue lisää »

District heating network in Kuhmoinen

Customer: Municipality of Kuhmoinen Year: 2012 The municipality of Kuhmoinen began its long-planned district heating project by the construction of a district heating network (DHN). The DHN was designed by Planora Oy. Planora drew up the main … Lue lisää »