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Kuopion Energia Oy

Customer: Kuopion Energia Oy Kuopion Energia Oy produces electricity and district heat with two power plants: Haapaniemi 2 and Haapaniemi 3. The primary fuel sources are local biofuels (mainly wood) and peat. Their annual consumption is 1,8 … Lue lisää »

Äänekosken Energia Oy

Customer: Äänekosken Energia Oy Year: 2013 – 2014 Äänekosken Energia Oy is an energy company owned by the town of Äänekoski. It is responsible for the energy service and water supply for the town and its vicinity. … Lue lisää »


Customer: RIG Oy Year: 2014 Rig Oy operates and maintains a high quality electricity network at Outokumpu’s stainless steel industrial plant in Tornio. The network includes switchgears, compensators, transformers, cables and a network operating system. The network … Lue lisää »