Kuopion Energia Oy

Customer: Kuopion Energia Oy

Kuopion Energia Oy produces electricity and district heat with two power plants: Haapaniemi 2 and Haapaniemi 3. The primary fuel sources are local biofuels (mainly wood) and peat. Their annual consumption is 1,8 – 2 million m³. In line with annual targets, the use of biofuels is half of the total fuel consumption. A ratio of 50% of peat and 50% of biofuels, ensures the optimal function of boilers and equal support of local energy sources.

Kuopion Energia Oy has 25 years of experience of its own peat production. The share of its own peat in the total fuel consumption is on average 10 – 15%, i.e. 200 000 – 250 000 m³.  Kuopion Energia Oy uses Planora Oy’s Iisi-Netti service for the monitoring and data management of its own peat production. The service includes information on

  • fuel acquisition areas’ bog and peat reserves
  • peat surveys on own production reserves
  • production plans
  • environmental permits
  • observation and monitoring plans
  • production
  • maintenance
  • safety and emergency plans
  • internal control

The information in Iisi-Netti provides Kuopion Energia Oy with a life cycle model of its own peat production areas which enables the calculation of the production potential of peat fuel in the future. The information may be examined as documents or with a mapping application. Periodical follow-up reports and photographs are available for the internal control of production areas. The Iisi-Netti service may be used for own documentation purposes, for distribution to contractors in the production area, as well as shared between Kuopion Energia Oy and different public authorities.