Conditioning of Kurunneva mire

The municipality of Rantsila obtained areas of Kurunneva mire that were no longer used in peat production, in order to add constructed wetlands to the Kurun lintuvesi bird wetland constructed in 1997. Planora Oy was responsible for the detailed planning of the project, calculations and application for environmental permit.

The planned wetland was divided into two pools: the upper and lower pool of the Kurun Lintuvesi bird wetland. The planning took account of the need to extend the current bird wetland at a later stage.

The constructed wetland restored the former peatland its natural wetland properties. The new wetland increased the recreational use and aesthetic value of the Kurunneva Lintuvesi area. Furthermore, the pools function as natural filters of excess nutrients as well as suspend and trap solids from its drainage area.

Our services included

  • application for environmental permit
  • water balance component studies in drainage area
  • plans