District heating development plan for town of Kalajoki

Customer: Kalajoen Lämpö Oy
Year: 2014

Planora Oy drew up a long-term district heating development plan (LTP) for Kalajoen Lämpö Oy in order for it to provide competitively priced district heating to old and new customers. The development plan formed a basis for Kalajoen Lämpö Oy’s long-term district heating strategy.

The development plan

  • examined the significant external factors affecting competitive ability, such as price and availability of fuels, legislation and taxation
  • studied the technical and financial feasibility of expanding the district heating network and connecting the new town planning areas to the existing network
  •  examined the internal factors affecting competitive ability, such as correct dimensioning of heat production plant, equipment and network
  • consisted of cost calculations and a recommendation for an action plan