Energy audits

The purpose of energy audits is to analyse energy consumption, energy saving potential and define actions for saving energy and reducing expenses. Energy audits provide direct cost benefits through energy efficiency measures. Energy audits identify energy-efficiency improvement opportunities in heat, electricity and water consumption as well as opportunities in using renewable energy sources.

In Finland, energy audits are overseen by Motiva. Motiva runs an energy auditing follow-up system that compiles data on all energy audits and is responsible for the quality control of energy audit reporting. Moreover, Motiva trains energy auditors and advises both audit customers and auditors.

Since 2015, large companies have been obliged to carry out an energy audit every four years. A large company is defined as employing over 250 employees or with a turnover of over 50 million euro and a balance sheet total of over 43 million euro.

For other than large-sized companies, an energy audit is voluntary. Energy audits that are carried out and reported according to guidelines from the Ministry of employment and the Economy (MEE), and Motiva, are eligible for a subsidy from the MEE. The MEE also subsidises renewable energy audits for municipalities.

Experts at Planora Oy are qualified by Motiva and offer the following services for improving energy efficiency:

  • building energy audits
  • building energy inspections
  • building implementation inspections
  • industrial energy audits
  • industrial energy analyses
  • district heating audits
  • heating plant energy analyses