Iisi-Netti service

Our Iisi-Netti service expertly manages information and operations related to heat, electricity and water supply as well as biofuel production. The service provides significant savings by controlling and optimising planning, building, running and maintenance operations.

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Supported by our effective customer interface skills, the database service is compiled according to our customer’s individual needs. The initial data is processed and converted into an accessible form by the database (Expert Data Base, EDB). The database service then provides up-to-date information for different applications and information systems systems as presented below.

The retrieval of information from the various databases and its use by the different applications is based on the correct capturing of information (EDB) as well as mastery of the user interfaces between the different applications.

The Iisi-Netti service is tailor-made according to the customer’s needs. It is easy to use and accessible with any user end device that is connected to the internet, without the need to acquire extra software.

In the near future, the Iisi-Netti service will be available in 3D virtual space where customers will have access to all existing services as well as modern meeting, communications, marketing and training services.