We offer district heating network planning and design services.

  • verification of documentation and setting up a database of network (information available for various softwares and functions, such as network calculations, maintenance as well as for map templates)
  • district heating network flow and thermal calculations and optimisation
  • dimensioning and planning of district heating networks, pipelines, pump stations, and other network components
  • dimensioning, planning and documentation of consumer equipment (heat substations)
  • support design for district heating pipes

In addition to designing district heating networks, we design district cooling networks, which are increasing rapidly in Finland.

We offer planning and design services in

  • natural gas networks
  • biogas networks
  • pipeline networks
  • sewerage system networks
  • electrical networks

Our technical design is complemented by our project management services.

  • permit applications
  • preparation of tender documentation
  • comparison of received offers
  • contract negotiations
  • supervision of implementation and installation
  • hand-over inspections
  • documentation of district heating networks
  • customer-accessible project documentation database